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Liva evans

I started my freelance writing career after a five-year stint in marketing.  I came to the realization that the part of my job that I loved the most involved writing promotional material for clients and articles for the association’s monthly newsletter.  So, I decided to turn my passion for writing into a career.  I now spend my days writing about health, home decor, fitness, parenting and travel for a variety of clients.  Some of my articles appear in the magazine racks of grocery stores and major bookstores while others fill the pages of local magazines and newspapers.

My best mattress website is finally out in 2018

best mattress top website

In between meeting deadlines, I spend my days reading children’s books to my infant son, Nathan.  I love reading to him so much, in January 2018, I launched a blog where I review the latest in home needs, mostly about mattresses and how the bed industry is getting more important year after year. To be honest selecting best mattress is a hard task personally I went through. There was a day when I had a back pain that I suffered for a long time, unfortunately, my doctor forgot to ask me if I’m having the right mattress for my sleeping type. instead, she was asking about the daily routine and what I was doing to seek the reasons that led me to suffer from pain in my back and also in my neck. But the most of our time we spend is in our sleep and that time should be spent on the better and more comfortable memory foam mattress. there are many types of mattresses out there please make sure to check my website for detailed and guide on the best mattresses you can find online. other than that,.  I’m currently working on a children’s story based on the lives of our family pets, a cat named Lola and a dog named Zoey.

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